Shredding of confidential waste
for homes and businesses

Junk Collectors are a professional, fully licensed rubbish removal company located in Reading, covering Bracknell town including Easthampstead, Warfield, Binfield and Winkfield. Our two-man team and specialised Junk Collector vehicle provide an excellent waste collection service that is convenient and affordable for homes and businesses.

With recent changes to household waste disposal limits and frequency, the Bracknell Household Waste Recycling Centre is becoming busier due to the need to dispose of excess rubbish. Junk Collectors remove the need to join those busy weekend queues at the recycling centre and provide scheduled time slots make it easier for you to plan your day.

Booking, Payment, Clearance…

  • Enter your postcode.
  • Select the service type.
  • Select the size of clearance or skip.
  • Select the day you want a clearance/delivery.
  • Make a secure payment.
  • Rubbish clearance/skip hire is carried out on the agreed date.

Bracknell Business Waste and Office Clearance

For the many businesses within Bracknell town centre, surrounded office buildings and trading estates, our service is ideal for any excess bulk waste generated (e.g. wooden pallets, office furniture and weee) that is not covered/collected within your schedules waste collections. Bracknell is home to well known companies such as Panasonic, Fujitsu, Dell, HP, Siemens, Honeywell, Vodafone and Honda.

Junk Collectors can provide a professional one-off waste collection service to all business (small or large). Once the waste is collected a waste transfer note is provided to ensure your business is compliant.

Rubbish Clearance Price Plan

Single Item Junk Collection
Single Item
Max Size: 60x60x90cm
Labour: 1-2 man team
Time: 5 minutes
Capacity: n/a


1/4 Load Junk Collection
1/4 Load
Weight: Up to 250kg
Labour: 2 man team
Time: 15 minutes
Capacity: 3.5yd / 2.7m


1/2 Load Junk Collection
1/2 Load
Weight: Up to 500kg
Labour: 2 man team
Time: 30 minutes
Capacity: 7yd / 5.4m


3/4 Load Junk Collection
3/4 Load
Weight: Up to 750kg
Labour: 2 man team
Time: 45 minutes
Capacity: 10.5yd / 8.0m


Full Load Junk Collection
Full Load
Weight: Up to 1000kg
Labour: 2 man team
Time: 60 minutes
Capacity: 14yd / 10.7m


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